Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Blog Layout

If there is anyone still reading this, you may have noticed that I changed my blog layout. I now have three columns instead of two--yay! I also changed the colors and a few other little things. I have thinking about doing this for a while and finally decided to just go for it. I definitely like the three columns, but I'm not sure about the colors yet--maybe I just have to get used to it.

I also think I've decided to mix it up a little on the blog and not only post about crafty things. I may post about fixing up our house (which I suppose is crafty) and maybe once in a while about books or movies or other interests. Up until now I've kept it pretty strictly about the crafting because this is a business blog after all, but I'm beginning to feel like the whole blog is just a list of projects I've finished--which I think makes for a boring blog. I'm not going to start posting all of the details of my life so don't worry about that--maybe just a little more about me that isn't craft related. I guess we will see what happens.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Moving and Circular Flower Hairpins

So I guess I'm not doing very well with blogging. We moved into the new house in mid-May and it is taking up tons of my time right now. Which means all of my crafty endeavors are on the back burner to an extent. But it should get better. I hope.

Recently I started making a new flower hairpin design. They are made out of felt that is made by hand instead of being crocheted and then felted in the washing machine. I love making them and I think they are turning out pretty cute.

I made all of these before the move but I'm planning to make some more very shortly. Several of these are already available in my shop and more will be available soon.