Monday, December 17, 2007

Finished Christmas Gifts

I have several finished Christmas gifts to share. Yay! And I finally believe that I will be done with things in time. Yay again. Even though I don't think that the people I've made these things for read my blog, I'm not going to mention who they're for--just in case.

Here is a crochet ripple throw I've been almost done with for quite a while--as usual, it was weaving in the ends that was taking so long. But I've finished now. I based it on this pattern, but I used bulky yarn--Lion Brand Jiffy. I was worried about the colors together while I was making it, but now I think they look really nice.

This is a Calorimetry knit from my hand dyed superwash merino yarn. (It's a headscarf to keep your ears warm in case you don't know what I'm talking about.) I think it came out really well and I guess I'm a bit surprised since I don't generally think my knitting is that good. I'm probably going to make one for myself as soon as I have some time. (Maybe out of the Annabel Lee colorway.)

And this is a crocheted squid toy for my cat, Scamp. I made it from this pattern with a few minor alterations. I stuffed the pointy top of the squid with the yarn ends and nothing else and sewed across the middle to keep the stuffing and catnip in the body. I was worried about stuff leaking through the bigger stitches of the top. Such a fun and cute pattern--I may make one as a Christmas tree ornament when I get a chance.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

More Customer Photos

In the last week, I've gotten a couple more convos from customers with pictures of the things they made from my yarn and felt beads. I love seeing what people come up with.

First, more from Strawberry Anarchy. She has made two more creations using my felt beads and promises more to come. (She bought lots of beads.)

A cute little felt flower brooch:

And this odd and adorable little doll:

Both are for sale in her Etsy shop.

And Jennifer sent this photo of the lovely scarf she knit from my superwash merino yarn. It looks super cuddly.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Repeatable Colorways

I've been meaning to post about the fact that I now have repeatable (named) colorways of some yarns in my Etsy shop. Yay! I will still continue to dye some yarns in a more haphazard way because I enjoy it, but I'm coming up with more colorways all the time. So far, they are Eternal Sunshine, Tangled Up in Blue, Harvest, Sliced Avocado and Annabel Lee, which is below. (I sold my only skein at the craft show on Saturday.)

These colorways can be dyed on any of the yarns I carry--although the color may not look exactly the same, depending on the fiber content of the yarn. I also have several more colorways in the works.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Cutest Doll Ever

I've been buying a ton of gifts on Etsy during the past few weeks and I wanted to share one. I'm not worried about the surprise being ruined since the recipient isn't even two yet and so probably won't be able to find my blog by himself.

How cute is this doll? I bought him from dmollison on Etsy--she has tons of adorable dolls and stuffed animals. This particular one is named Gregory and is made from angora blend socks and stuffed with organic wool. So sweet. I've been looking for a doll for Chris's nephew (more or less mine as well) for about a year now because I wanted to be ready with the perfect one as soon as I thought he was old enough. I think I've found it. :)

A couple of weeks ago, I started having back pain and yesterday I finally went to the doctor to have it checked out. And apparently I have sciatica--which makes me feel really old somehow. Probably no big deal, but it's made it a little hard to get ready for my craft show on Saturday. On a happier note, that pesky hole in my eardrum decided to finally heal up which means no surgery--yay!