Saturday, March 7, 2009

An Adorable Baby (and Some Other Stuff)

My friends Sarah and Kim have a new daughter, Maia, who was born in November. So I got to make fun baby gifts. And since I haven't been around to show you anything, I need to catch up.

This is Maia's blanket. I crocheted it with Lion Brand Cotton Ease and it is just random stripes of single, half double or double crochet. Normally I don't like to make things that change color so often, but I thought that it would be fine because I didn't have to weave in the ends since I was just making fringe from them. I realized the stupidity of that as I was rushing to finish the fringe before the baby shower.

I also crocheted these booties from my hand dyed sock yarn (in Collective and Tomorrow Wendy). I used a pattern from Sylver Designs on Etsy called Little Button Loafers. Of course I didn't do a gauge swatch and the booties only fit Maia for about a second. They came out pretty cute, though.

And I saved the best for last. Not the best project, but clearly the best picture--what a doll. (And I can't take credit for the picture--Sarah and Kim sent it to me.) I crocheted the hat out of the same yarn as the booties, but I kinda winged the pattern. Which was obviously a mistake because it's still too big on Maia at three months. But she's so cute that it doesn't really matter.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Back Again

Well, I've been gone for a while. We've been looking for a house since last summer and it felt like I really had no time for much of anything else. I didn't intend to stop blogging, but when I stopped, it was so easy to continue not doing it. But we now have a closing date (which is the third one, I believe, so it may change again) of March 23rd. So I am going to attempt to start blogging again and we shall see how it goes.

I'm in love with the new house, but there's much we want to do to it (and the yard), so I'm sure I'll be posting plenty more about it over time.