Monday, December 17, 2007

Finished Christmas Gifts

I have several finished Christmas gifts to share. Yay! And I finally believe that I will be done with things in time. Yay again. Even though I don't think that the people I've made these things for read my blog, I'm not going to mention who they're for--just in case.

Here is a crochet ripple throw I've been almost done with for quite a while--as usual, it was weaving in the ends that was taking so long. But I've finished now. I based it on this pattern, but I used bulky yarn--Lion Brand Jiffy. I was worried about the colors together while I was making it, but now I think they look really nice.

This is a Calorimetry knit from my hand dyed superwash merino yarn. (It's a headscarf to keep your ears warm in case you don't know what I'm talking about.) I think it came out really well and I guess I'm a bit surprised since I don't generally think my knitting is that good. I'm probably going to make one for myself as soon as I have some time. (Maybe out of the Annabel Lee colorway.)

And this is a crocheted squid toy for my cat, Scamp. I made it from this pattern with a few minor alterations. I stuffed the pointy top of the squid with the yarn ends and nothing else and sewed across the middle to keep the stuffing and catnip in the body. I was worried about stuff leaking through the bigger stitches of the top. Such a fun and cute pattern--I may make one as a Christmas tree ornament when I get a chance.

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competitive knitting!