Saturday, March 7, 2009

An Adorable Baby (and Some Other Stuff)

My friends Sarah and Kim have a new daughter, Maia, who was born in November. So I got to make fun baby gifts. And since I haven't been around to show you anything, I need to catch up.

This is Maia's blanket. I crocheted it with Lion Brand Cotton Ease and it is just random stripes of single, half double or double crochet. Normally I don't like to make things that change color so often, but I thought that it would be fine because I didn't have to weave in the ends since I was just making fringe from them. I realized the stupidity of that as I was rushing to finish the fringe before the baby shower.

I also crocheted these booties from my hand dyed sock yarn (in Collective and Tomorrow Wendy). I used a pattern from Sylver Designs on Etsy called Little Button Loafers. Of course I didn't do a gauge swatch and the booties only fit Maia for about a second. They came out pretty cute, though.

And I saved the best for last. Not the best project, but clearly the best picture--what a doll. (And I can't take credit for the picture--Sarah and Kim sent it to me.) I crocheted the hat out of the same yarn as the booties, but I kinda winged the pattern. Which was obviously a mistake because it's still too big on Maia at three months. But she's so cute that it doesn't really matter.

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Anonymous said...

ooooohhh~~~You are so modest!
Everything you made is wonderfully crafted and very orginal. I love the colors and patterns that you chose. They are some of our favorite things and will be treasured for a long time...
Thank you!