Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Secret Toy Pattern

 Spent a while the other night winding Cascade 220 for a new crochet toy pattern I'm working on.  (I'm keeping what the toy is a secret for now, I think.)  I know I often talk about things I'm going to write up as patterns and then never get around to it, but this time I actually have the pattern written already.  I'm going to use this yarn to try it one more time and then I will be getting some test crocheters to test it for me.  I also have another toy pattern in the works so hopefully soon I will finally be branching out into pattern sales.  I have so many ideas written down or partially made--I hope I can make the leap.

almost finished, but completely unblocked
Speaking of patterns, I have mentioned several times a pattern I've been working on for years now for a crocheted wrap.  The last time I mentioned it, I said I was almost done and I did almost finish a sample from the written up pattern.  However, as I finished it, I decided that I wanted to change several things about it (this was after adding to it while writing up the pattern) including the main stitch pattern and the weight of the yarn it's made in.  (I also hate the colors I chose for it.)  So I guess it's back to the drawing board with that one.  Hopefully I will manage to finish it someday.


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