Saturday, March 31, 2007


I would have to say I know next to nothing about blogging. I don't tend to read any blogs regularly nor do I really know anyone who blogs regularly. However, I have repeatedly read that I should have a blog to promote my shop, so here it is.

I imagine I will mostly write about crafting and my business (if I can be so bold to call it that at this point in time), but I make no promises that nothing else will ever make it in here. I'd like to post about things that I make for gifts as well as things for sale in my store so that readers (if I ever get any) will get a better picture of what I do.

I don't have much customization set up on the blog as of yet--I hope to add things as I go along. And as I learn what I'm doing. I promise I'll get better at this.

But I guess this is a start.

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