Friday, November 16, 2007

Etsy FAST Trunk Show Today

The Etsy FAST Trunk Show is today at the Etsy Labs in Brooklyn. And also online in the the Treehouse at the Etsy Virtual Labs from 6-8PM EST. I'll be at the online event--although I don't know exactly what will be going on. I do know that there will be a live webcam feed from the Trunk Show at the Labs and a bunch of Etsy FAST members will be there to chat and answer questions.

In conjunction with the Trunk Show, Etsy has picked a front page of Etsy FAST members and my paisley felted clutch is on it!


HomeMadeOriginals said...

Congratulations on the front page!

Alpaca Granny said...

Was amazing to sit here in my office and watch the goings on in NY.

Amy said...

What a great trunk show - it was fun to participate thru the virtual labs!