Monday, November 5, 2007

Christmas Gifts in Progress

I've finished the red and white felted slippers I was working on and unfortunately the red felt has contaminated the white--it didn't bleed, but red fuzzies have embedded themselves into the white all along the lines where the colors meet. Argh.

I've never attempted to felt white before since most white yarns will not felt because of the bleaching process--so I didn't know that this would happen. They also came out too small for pretty much any adult I know. If I had bothered to make a gauge swatch, I might have not had that problem. Oh well, I'm chalking it up to experience and making a new pair. No white this time. And I'm planning to use a different yarn altoghether.

I'm also currently working on a pair of the same slippers for Chris's dad. I'm using the yarn I usually use to make my clutches and purses (Patons Classic Merino), so I feel a bit more hopeful about these. And if these come out too small, I'll be more likely to find someone they fit--like me perhaps.

I dyed the lighter brown since I couldn't find a color I liked for it--it came out exactly like I wanted so yay for that anyway.

I'm also working on another knitted project--a beaded skull wristwarmer for Chris's cousin, Lauren. It's from the book Stitch and Bitch Nation--the pattern is called The Bead Goes On.

It's my first time knitting with beads (or needles this small), but I think it's going very well. I'm doing it with white beads because I had them on hand and I wanted to get started.


h.winter said...

The slippers look super comfy and the wrist warmer looks like a fun project! Please post pics when they're finished!

Firefly Hill said...

Love those slippers even if they didnt work out!