Monday, February 4, 2008

More Knitting

I have been doing lots of knitting lately, so I decided it was time to tackle mittens. After a few false starts (I didn't like the way the original yarn was working up and then the mittens were way too small), I managed to make myself a serviceable pair of mittens.

I made them from a pattern I found on Ravelry (how did I ever live before Ravelry?) called Warmest Mittens and my hand dyed yarn. (I added a few rounds to the hand and the thumb to make them longer and now the thumbs are too long--whoops.) When I picked up stitches for the thumb, I made fairly large holes, but I think I sewed them up pretty well. I wouldn't give the mittens as a gift, but they're definitely wearable.

I also discovered while making these that I really like working with double pointed needles. Odd. I had only used them in the past to finish hats worked mostly on circular needles and I thought I hated them. I had been avoiding patterns using them and while I really want to learn to knit socks, I was afraid to try them--mostly because of the DPNs. But now I think I'm ready for socks. We'll see.

I love wearing mittens that I made--I think I'm more excited about these than I have been about anything I've made so far. I'm not really sure why that is except that maybe I thought mittens would be too hard for me.


h.winter said...

Good job on the mittens! They look super comfy.

Firefly Hill said...


Hey long time no talk! How have you been? All of your things looks great--love the booties!

Your mittens look fab!