Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Two New Colorways On Etsy

I've listed two new colorways on Etsy in the past week.

Honah Lee:

and Superhoney:

These can be done on any of my base yarns just like all my other colorways, so if you want something in a different yarn, please just let me know. I am currently trying to decide on new yarn bases, so these will be changing shortly. And I think I'm going to pare down to only 3 or 4 different ones--for now at least.

In vaguely related info, I recently bought Photoshop Elements to try to make my pictures better. I have been using iPhoto, which has worked fairly well, but I'm starting to feel like it's not quite good enough. I haven't quite figured out Photoshop Elements, so if anyone has any advice for me, I'd really appreciate it. My main problem is that the colors on my photos often don't turn out properly. I am already using a (homemade) lightbox, so the only thing I can think of is to fix the pictures in editing. And even with Elements, that seems to be much harder than I had anticipated.


Kyla Nicole said...

I'm not sure if everything is the same in Elements, but I use Photoshop CS, and the most useful photo editing tools I have found are:

Image -> Adjustments -> Auto Adjust Levels
Image -> Adjustments -> Auto Adjust Contrast
Image -> Adjustments -> Auto Adjust Color

I've been using the program for years, and only recently tried the Auto Adjust options; they have saved me so much time and hair-tearing! ;)

Liz said...

It's not set up quite like that, but it does appear to have Auto Adjust Levels, Contrast and Color buttons. I'm a bit ashamed to admit I haven't yet gotten around to really trying it out, but thanks so much for for the hint and I will definitely try that first. :)