Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Yarn4socks Order Finished

I have finished and shipped my order for yarn4socks. Yay me. I will be featured next month, but don't worry, I'll make sure to remind you about it then.

I've been putting all of my time into that order, so there is pretty much nothing new in my Etsy shop--time to remedy that. I also have two new yarn bases to try out. So I guess I need to get to work.

I have a small FO to show off. The pattern is called Blanket Buddy and it comes from the book 101 Designer One Skein Wonders. I made it out of Berroco Comfort, which is lovely soft yarn, but I found it a little splitty and hard to work with--although that may be because my knitting is not that good yet. I'd definitely use the yarn again, though.

I made it for Wyatt because he is apparently very into these kinds of toys right now. It came out a bit wonky, but I still think it's pretty cute. And it was good practice.

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Lona said...

Lovely yarn (as always)...