Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lots of Crocheted Play Food

Ah--another extremely after the fact blog post. I guess I should just be happy that I manage to get them up at all.

Last month I finished a project I've been working on for about six months--a ton of crocheted play food for our friends' little boy, Wyatt. I've got loads of pictures so I'm going to split this into two posts so as not to overwhelm you. I apologize for some of the picture quality, but I'm working with what I've got. I'll post the pattern when there was one.

All of the food--I don't think it looks like even close to as much as it felt like.

The apple was made from this pattern--I believe I followed the directions pretty faithfully.

The cookies were just made up as I went along. People didn't seem to know that the sugar cookies were cookies without me telling them, however.

Carrots were again just made up as I went along--trial and error. I kept deciding that they weren't carroty enough and ripping out half my work and I still don't completely love the way they turned out.

I used this pattern for the radishes, which I absolutely adore. Wyatt's present was almost short a couple of radishes because they were just so darn cute that I wanted to keep them.

More pictures to come...


Lisa said...

wow, I love your handmade play food! that is one of the cutest things I've seen in a long time. I have a blog that gets quiet a few readers, we are being featured in our local Parent Magazine and we talk about our blog on air at our local radio station. I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a giveway? If you wanted to make up some play food, since those are soo cute, and we could feature you and your blog on a post and then do a giveaway for the hand made toys. Let me know what you think!


Oslo by fashion said...

WOW really cute! Wish i was as good as you! Really want a strawberry on my purse, so maybe i shoud try making something myself :)

Im sure he will he really happy!

Shannon said...

Can I take a bit of your apple?

Joanne said...

Oh My Gosh, I just happened on your blog and I can't believe how cute these are! I knit a bit, but never was able to figure out crochet. Cool picture. Blessings, Joanne

Liz said...

Thanks you so much to all of you! I've not been keeping up with my blog (obviously), which is why it's taken me so long to respond. I really appreciate the comments, though. Thanks!