Saturday, January 22, 2011

Long Delayed Crocheted Play Food Part 2

Well, I never said how soon I'd post the second of my posts on the play food I made for Wyatt's 2nd birthday. (His 3rd birthday will be here in about three weeks, but at least I beat that.) Please accept my humble apologies for being so slow and lazy about blogging. If I don't start to do better, I think I may have to give it up as a lost cause. I do have things to share, though, so I guess I can try a little harder.

Now on to the food...

Tiny cupcakes made with this pattern. I probably didn't follow the pattern exactly (because I usually don't) but I didn't make any notes on the project on Ravelry, so I don't imagine I changed it too much.

Red velvet cake that I made up after seeing another pattern similar to it at some point in the past.

These strawberries were made with this pattern, although I made the tops completely different. I don't remember if I thought my way looked better or if it was just easier.

A lemon and lime made with this pattern and yarn that I already had. I would not have picked these colors, but I decided before I started that I didn't want to buy any yarn for this project.

And the pear, which I love (not quite as much as the radishes from the last post, though.) It just came out so pear-y. I used this pattern and modified it quite a bit, but didn't take any notes so I have no idea what I did. I'm sure I'll be mad at myself for that one the next time I decide to make a pear.

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