Monday, July 23, 2007

Home Again

It may be hard to believe, but, yes, I am finally home again. I've actually been home since Friday, but I've been incredibly busy and haven't managed to post. I decided that I simply had to post today, so here I am.

I finished this throw over the weekend. (As usual, I don't have a picture of the entire thing--it's nearly impossible to take a decent picture anywhere in my apartment except my light box.)

It was a wedding gift for some friends of my family. It's crocheted (surprise) all in single crochet with super bulky yarn. I enjoy making these as gifts because they work up so nicely, but don't take incredibly long to make--like an afghan in worsted weight yarn would.

I'm pretty sure I will be in a craft show on September 30th in Ann Arbor, MI. I say pretty sure since I have applied for the show--which is first come, first served, not juried--and have not yet heard that all of the spaces are filled. So I think I'm in. This makes me a bit nervous, since it will be my first craft show. I used to help my mom out with her shows (she used to own her own crafting business--I guess it runs in the family), but it feels different doing your own. Besides, I don't have nearly enough stock. Which is one of the reasons I am so busy.

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