Monday, July 30, 2007

Kettle Dyeing

I've started dyeing yarn slightly differently than I had been doing it--up until now, all my yarns for sale have been handpainted. (And I will continue to handpaint yarn--I'm just adding a new technique.) I now have one yarn--a silk and merino blend--for sale in my Etsy shop that was kettle dyed and I have a few more that need to be wound and then put up for sale.

The yarn above was me making another attempt to use my black dye. I don't know what it is about that dye, but I think I'm going to try another brand as a commenter suggested. The yarn did come out pretty, though.

When I was dyeing, I had some leftover dye in the pot (not when I was using the "black"), so I threw in a few silk scarves to use it up.

I have had these scarves for quite a while now--back when I was dyeing with Kool Aid, I was planning to dye them as playsilks for a gift. They didn't dye well with Kool Aid, but I think they are lovely now. These (along with the others I have not yet dyed) will be a gift for some child (not sure who yet, since none of the ones I know are quite the right age for playsilks) and I am also considering making these to sell. Once I get some more time, that is.

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