Thursday, January 17, 2008

Baby Gifts

So I made a hat for my friends' son, since I made one for their daughter.

It's a helmet hat made from this pattern. I changed the ear flaps a bit since I thought they were too small the way they were. I'm mailing the hats and the blanket I finished for him ages ago today. Finally.

I'm working on another knit pattern. I seem to be actually enjoying knitting for the first time recently. I never thought I'd get to like it. I'm making a pair of baby booties for one of the babies that will be arriving this year.

They are made from this pattern and my hand dyed merino superwash. The picture does not show the yarn color very well--it's brighter (and prettier) than that. The booties are going okay, I guess. I really love the way the yarn is working up, but I can't do a ssk to save my life. They are very loose and, I think, look bad. I will try to post a picture of what I'm talking about later on.

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