Monday, March 17, 2008

Kool Aid Dyeing

Last weekend, a friend's little girls, Anya, Kaia and Lily, came over and spent the weekend with us. While they were here, we did some Kool Aid Dyeing. Unfortunately, our kitchen is way too small for all three of them to dye at once, so we took turns. I had a hard time choosing which of the super cute pictures to use--I apologize for using so many. Couldn't be helped, though.

This is Anya:


And Lily:

(By the way, the gloves didn't get that blue from the Kool Aid--those are the gloves that I use to dye my hair.)

Here are the yarns hanging up to dry--from left to right they are Kaia's, Lily's and Anya's:

And here are the girls with their yarns all wound up in balls:

They did such a good job with the dyeing, especially for their first time--the colors didn't get muddy at all. I hope to try this again with them sometime when we have more space and can all work together.


Christina said...

Those hanks of yarn came out great, just beautiful. They all did a wonderful job. I wish I had the time.

Liz said...

Didn't they make beautiful yarn? I'm so proud of them. I'm working on purses for all of them out of it right now.

Kaia Hylla-Postl said...

i'm Kaia. i'm older now but,you rock Liz!

Liz said...

You are way older now, Kaia--too old, I think. How about we stop that getting older thing now? (And you rock too!)