Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Racing to Finish

I am working like crazy to finish a baby blanket that needs to be done by Saturday. I started it late last week because the yarn I ordered took extra long to get here. So now I'm hoping I can manage to finish it in time. It took much struggle to figure out what I was going to make (which seems a bit silly since I ended up using my go-to ripple), but I really like it and I hope the parents will too.

It's crocheted from Lion Brand Cotton Ease yarn, which is a cotton-acrylic blend, so it's lightweight but sturdy and it feels like cotton. I know they are unusual colors for a baby blanket, but I wanted something modern looking because I think that's what the baby's parents would want. I love it and I'm thinking of making something in these colors for me.

I also recently finished a small hand towel for Towel Day which was Sunday.

I am a huge Douglas Adams fan (especially the Hitchhiker's Guide), but I am ashamed to admit that I only heard of Towel Day for the first time a month or so ago. So I joined a towel KAL/CAL to make a towel for my very first Towel Day. It's knit from dishcloth cotton and I'm not in love with it (in large part because of the ugly pooling), but it came out okay. I hope everyone can see the 42.

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