Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Banner and Bracelet

I've made a new banner for my Etsy shop since I really hated the old one. It's not really that different, but I took out the part I hated--which was the background color behind the text--and still managed to make my shop name legible (which was why I had the background on it in the first place). You can see it at my shop or here--as soon as I figure out how to add it.

Above is a stainless steel bracelet my grandfather made for my grandmother. Her name was Ruth--I hope you can read it. My grandfather worked in a machine shop, but also had a garage full of woodworking tools and was a wonderful carpenter. (I've got a family full of crafty people.) I adore this bracelet--partly because it rocks and partly because it makes me think of my grandfather and my grandmother. Eventually I may post some pictures of my bookcases, my jewelry case and other things he made for me, but for now I wanted to share this.


h.winter said...

What an awesome bracelet and to know that your Grandfather made it must make it even more special!

Alpaca Granny said...

What a lovely design.