Sunday, June 24, 2007

Stuff I've Been Making

For a friend's daughter's birthday, I (with some help from my boyfriend, Chris) made her this fancy board to hang on her wall for magnetic poetry--which we also gave her, of course.

(Not the best picture in the world, but it's already been given to her, so I'm stuck with it.) She's (almost) 8 and is very interested in making sentences--she plays with our magnetic poetry kit every time she comes over here. So we thought she would enjoy this. It's made with magnetic paint, which--while it doesn't hold heavy magnets--is pretty much the coolest invention in the world. And when I get a house, I want to paint an entire wall in it.

I've also finished the halter I'm making for another friend's daughter. It doesn't photograph all that well when not on a child, so bear with me--it will look much cuter when it's not flat on a table. (The second picture is of the ends of the ties.)

Hopefully soon I will get the chance to get some pictures of it being modeled and then I will make some more for my Etsy shop.

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