Saturday, May 26, 2007

So Many Beads...

I just mailed out a custom order of felted beads. Ninety beads. I have never made this many at once before. The big ones were a bit more difficult to make than I was expecting so that took me a little while, but I got them done pretty quickly.

And it was my very first international order. Much easier than I expected--although I do have to go to the post office and I don't for domestic shipping.

I have begun adding international shipping to my Etsy listings--finally. (And I am adjusting the US shipping prices at the same time. That way the shipping price will actually pay for the shipping.) I'm not done adding it to my entire shop, but I should get it sometime this weekend--unless something comes up. I expect I'll now get hundreds of orders from all over the world, since I'm certain that not having international shipping was the only thing holding me back.

And I put up a banner in my shop today. It's not the best banner ever, but it looks pretty good--and apparently it's really important to have a banner. I can see how it would make you look more like a real shop. So now I look more professional, I guess.

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