Tuesday, May 1, 2007

More Tatting

I've been practicing tatting today--learning to make picots.

I think I'm doing much better, although it may not look that way. (I really hope it doesn't look as grubby in the picture as it does in reality--I had no idea I was so dirty. Maybe I should stop using white thread.) It's much easier and smoother for me to make the double stitch now. The picots aren't exactly even, but I'm getting it, I think. Up next in the tatting front will be a pattern so I can learn how to follow one before I start disregarding them altogether. I'm quite enjoying tatting now that I've stopped wanting to throw it across the room.

1 comment:

kellypuffs said...

They look lovely. I've spent the weekend trying to teach myself to tat and came across your blog.

It gives me hope that there IS life beyond the "wanting to throw the shuttle against the wall" stage. :-)