Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Dye Success (and Some Sock Yarn)

I got my Yellow Sun dye to dissolve and not separate, which feels like a huge victory to me. I started over and used a lot less dye and heated the water in the microwave (which I have not been doing, thinking that hot tap water was good enough) and voila...

(And I took the label off the jar this time to appear a bit less tacky.) I'd been thinking that dyeing should be more complicated than it is and now I feel like the world is behaving more normally, since mixing the dye became at least a bit more difficult. I think I might have to throw away the first yellow dye that I attempted to mix, though. Maybe I'll try once more to fix it. But now I have yellow dye and I am happy.

I also listed one of my new sock yarns on Etsy today.

It's very bright and seems maybe a bit more spring/summery to me than my others. I tend not to pay much attention to what colors are seasonally appropriate for myself, but I know other people do, so I am trying to be more cognizant of it.

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