Monday, April 23, 2007

Pile of Promos

I have been working for days on a bunch of promos for my Etsy shop.

Octarine is a wonderful Etsian who puts together and sells in her shop promo bags of Etsy stuff (at no profit to her, no less) from whoever sends it to her. She calls it "All Things Etsy" and apparently the bags sell quite well. (She also makes lovely jewelry--I especially love the glittery resin pendants.) I decided I must get in on this since I need to get the word out that I exist. So, after much pondering, I came up with something I could use as a promo... crocheted flower keychains made from my handpainted sock yarn and attached to one of my home-printed business cards.

I thought they would be cute and simple and give at least an idea of what I do. Well, I'd never tried to crochet so many of them at once--I wasn't sure I'd ever finish. But I have finally made fifty of them and I will be sending them off--with a similar pile of business cards--to octarine tomorrow.


LzRocks! said...

thanks for blogging about 'all thing etsy' and for sending your cute and colorful promos!


Liz said...

No--thank you! :)