Thursday, April 5, 2007

Yarn and More Yarn

Yesterday, I got a box of yarn (and two colors of dye) from KnitPicks. I so love getting boxes of yarn in the mail.

This is the Palette yarn I got--although you can't see all of it because some is hiding in the back. It's the yarn I use to make my wallets. You may notice that they seem to be mostly pastel colors. This is because I realized that I didn't have any pastels. Now, I may not be a pastel person, but I know other people are, so I thought I better buy some. Also, I have been reading that some of these colors are in for the spring, so better to sell things with, I suppose. Just because I can't keep up with what's popular doesn't mean I shouldn't sell it. :) And, lucky you, you also get to somewhat see my light box, since it's not really meant for taking pictures of large things and I could not manage to get the yarn to be smaller.

I also bought some more Bare sock yarn to dye. And, as I said at the beginning of this, two new colors of dye--yellow and turquoise. It seems to me that the superwash/nylon yarn is more popular than the merino, so that's what I got. (Not that I'm basing this on my sold yarn--can't really decide that on one skein.) I also think the superwash is just more practical.

What all this yarn means is that you should hopefully shortly be seeing new wallets in the shop. I have decided to make them a bit smaller because they feel a bit unwieldy to me. And you should also hopefully shortly be seeing new sock yarns as well.

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