Saturday, April 28, 2007

International Shipping

I have noticed that I've recently gotten a few hits on this blog from outside the US. (I'm a bit amazed to have gotten any hits--let alone ones from other countries.) And, in case anyone went to my Etsy shop and noticed I do not offer international shipping, I wanted to post about it. I am planning to offer international shipping in the near future--even though I'm slightly terrified of doing it. The USPS is changing all of the shipping rates on May 14th and, as I can't really seem to understand the changes without the handy rate calculator (which I assume will be updated then), I am waiting until after that to begin offering international shipping. Another reason I am waiting is that I will have to also change my US shipping prices at that time and I so do not want to have to change each listing twice. If you're interested in buying from my shop right now and you aren't in the US, please contact me and I will work out international shipping charges on a case by case basis.

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