Monday, April 2, 2007

New Products

Since I started my Etsy shop, I've mostly only offered felted things. I'm not really sure why that is except maybe because I really enjoy felting. (It's kind of fascinating to see something start out as a shapeless crocheted mass or a blob of wool and end up being sturdy and shapely.) I've meant to have different things since the beginning, but I just haven't. Well, all that has finally changed. I am now selling crocheted summer baby hats and crocheted iPod cozies. The ones pictured and others are available in my shop. And I'm still making them, so there are more to come.

The hats are again made from Bernat Cottontots, which makes them very soft. The cozies so far have been made from leftover merino wool and vintage buttons, but I could make them out of almost anything, I imagine. I've never really been a cozy person, but making these is changing my mind. They are just so fun.

Now if I can only manage to list something that isn't fiber related...

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